Tonga 2019, with Juergen & Stella Freund


There are those who understand that once-in-a-lifetime encounters with wild animals are a certain privilege.

Juergen & Stella Freund are two such people who have devoted their lives to documenting priceless natural heritage. Journeying in their company, as well as others deeply connected to wildlife, is the chance to sense the world differently and appreciate better why nature it is so important.

David Donnelly's decades of work in the company of researchers working with Humpback Whales offers rare insight into mysteries we might never otherwise begin to to appreciate. Yet it's most rewarding for all of us, to spend time with you and other like-minded people, from all walks. Whether through photographs or stories shared over a glass of wine, life-experiences combine in a continuously changing and nuanced way, to influence the way we see rare creatures and wild places.

So every trip is different but none would be successful without our wonderful guests.

Thank you for spending the week with us this year and I hope you will enjoy going back over these stunning images by Juergen Freund as a momento of time spent in their company and in the company of Tonga's Humpback Whales.


Simon Mustoe,  Wildiaries founder