The Bight, where hundreds of whales gather from Jun-Oct

The Bight, where hundreds of whales gather from Jun-Oct

By Craig Haslam.

From June to October each year, Southern Right Whales gather at the beautiful Head of Bight on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. 

It's renowned as one of Australia’s most spectacular whale watching destinations. With the awe inspiring Bunda Cliffs as its backdrop, the Head of Bight offers a unique opportunity to view up to 170 Southern Right Whales as they frolic in the waters below.

"Winter might be upon us in South Australia but that makes me excited because it means one of my favourite wildlife experiences is about to begin – the migration of hundreds of Southern Right Whales and their young into the Great Australian Bight Marine Park. Even better, it happens at my favourite place on earth, the magnificent Head of the Bight on the far west coast of the Eyre Peninsula. “My backyard.” - Craig Haslam, Xplore Eyre 

The Head of Bight has an epic coastal lookout over the Bunda Cliffs which go right across the top of the Great Australian Bight. These magnificent limestone cliffs are 90 metres high and extend 100km along the Great Australian Bight. They were formed when Australia broke away from Antarctica 65 million years ago. It literally is the “Edge of Australia” and on the other side of the cliffs you have huge, white, powdery sand dunes. The contrast in colour and landscapes is breathtaking.

Together with the adjacent Nullarbor National Park, the experience people have in the pristine wilderness here is always far beyond any expectations they ever had. They feel truly connected with nature with so much more than just outback on offer.

"I love watching the reaction of people when I take them to Head of Bight. I tell them to close their eyes, breathe it, smell it, and really feel it. There’s something so special about this place and in the winter months it becomes even more special with the abundant whales".

The best thing about the place is there is usually no one else there. Pristine wilderness all to ourselves. And the whales of course.

We wanted other people to be able to experience this so we created a 3 Day Ocean & Outback Whale Watching Tour, and not only will you see the incredible and diverse scenery of this part of Australia, you’ll come up close and personal to native wildlife, you’ll experience local hospitality and you’ll be feasting on delicious seafood straight out of the ocean. Oysters, prawns, tuna you name it, all washed down with local wines and boutique beers.

Included in the tour is a fantastic Whale Watching and Wildlife cruise off Point Fowler where you will commonly see Southern Right and Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Australian Sea Lions, NZ Fur Seals, Little Penguins and some rare species of Albatross. This 2-hour cruise is set among the stunning beauty of rugged cliffs and sand dunes. Whale watching in Eyre Peninsula will show everything there is to offer on this incredible coastline, as well as front row seats for the main event!

You also have the option to take to the skies on a 45-minute scenic flight which gives you a whole other perspective of the region! We’ll do some 4WD’ing, explore stunning National Parks, discover an iconic outback roadhouse and you can even try your hand at surf fishing. We always take the time at the start of the tour to see what people are most interested in and can tailor the itinerary to suit. That’s the beauty of travelling with a small family owned company like ours.

So what do I recommend you do this winter in Australia?

Join me in my executive 4WD and allow me to show you my spectacular backyard.


● Whale watching at Head of Bight

● Cruise in the Great Australian Bight Marine Park to witness Southern Right Whales and other aquatic wildlife

● Feast on the premium produce of Australia’s Seafood Frontier

● Feel the remoteness of the vast outback wilderness of The Nullarbor Plain

● Four-wheel driving adventure in Fowlers Bay sand dunes

● Scenic flight over the Head of Bight (OE)