FAQs Raja Ampat

FAQs Raja Ampat

How do I get there?

Raja Ampat is accessed via Sorong, a city situated on the far western tip of Indonesian West Papua. Sorong is a quite peaceful city although it's growing quite fast. The airport is quite small but on arrival we always make sure you're greeted by someone. Getting to Sorong is either via Makassar or Jakarta. 

How do I get around?

There are 1,800 islands in Raja Ampat. It's safe to say, you cannot travel around Raja Ampat except by boat. It's worth considering your activities prior to travel and making sure you have the budget for what you want to do. Make sure you're aware of your transfer needs as organising private transfers is costly. The resorts we work with, will include scheduled transfer costs into the price (in which case you need to take advice on flight connections).  

What does it cost?

Raja Ampat is not exactly a budget destination. The four resorts we list represent a reasonably full spectrum of pricing when you factor in food, transfers, some activities and other pleasantries. Expect to pay between $175 - $600 per day per person depending on the level of sophistication and activities. The $600 per day on board a liveaboard includes everything ... food, drink, snorkelling/diving, transfers, accommodation and travel all over the region. The $175 a day is for a limited stay including transfers, full board and some activities in a fan-cooled beach-front unit. It pays to take advice on what is most suitable. We only work with high quality operators.   

What is there to do?

Obviously the main activities are snorkelling and diving. The main resorts will have trips going out at least twice-daily and the option to join these. Private charters are possible for groups. Other common trips include visits to the waterfalls at Batanta, watching Birds of Paradise (a year-round activity here), village cultural visits, kayaking tours etc. The type of activity you do will depend on your interests. Each of the stay options has some activities included and things you can do around the resorts too. So it's best to take advice before deciding where to stay and what to do. 

Telephone and Internet 

There is limited coverage throughout the region. Some of the resorts have none, others have limited Wifi. On board the liveaboards it varies depending on where you are. If you have international roaming, you can expect intermittent signal. 4G is occasional, 3G is more likely. 

Is it suitable for kids?

Raja Ampat isn't set up for very young kids. If you have older kids who are water-wise and enjoy exploring it is a wonderful destination ... but again, give consideration to activities before you go. Also, some of the travel options are better set up than others. Water safety is particularly important because there are very strong currents around most of the islands.  

All of the operators offer significant price discounts for children travelling with adults. Please enquire. 

What are the health considerations?

Contact your doctor of travel clinic for advice. There is malaria in the region and normal precautions would apply. The quality of food, water and hygiene in the facilities we promote is of a level expected by western travellers.