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#67 - The Bass Coast Walk + Dive & Boat Show 


Where have you been this winter? 

Last week we walked the Bass Coast east of Melbourne from Kilcunda to Cape Paterson, discovering birds and 120 million year old fossils along the way then we took a whale watching cruise which exceeded all expectations (in 20 years of observing whales, I've never seen Southern Right Whale and Humpback together!).  

Those of you who entered our last competition with Wakatobi, thank you. Our winner was Elizabeth M from Victoria. Elizabeth won a weekend luxury break including dinner and tickets to a show!  

NON-DIVERS: This month's competition is a chance to win a Yamaha Seawing Scooter - perfect to use at the beach or on your next holiday; or

DIVERS: a dive trip to Ceningan in Bali to see Ocean Sunfish. Ceningan Divers is a wonderful company that delivers a beautiful dive experience but are also award-winning leaders in conservation, as we have written about here.    

Want to come and meet us in Sydney?

You'll find us at the Australia International Dive Show from 1 -5 August. Even if you're a snorkeler or just dabble, it's fun to attend. It also happens to be the boat show, so why not make a day of it and drop by to say hello?  We will be at the Pindito Liveaboard stall on Level 1. Check out the event page on Facebook.

Reporting from Tonga

Next month we will be reporting from Tonga where we're heading out for another spectacular season swimming with whales throughout August. Hot off the press is an article about the impact of swimming with whales in Tonga which we've reviewed here and reaffirms why we take a particularly unique approach on the trips led by our expert guide David Donnelly.   

Have a great rest of July. We have another exciting cruise prize promotion to announce later this month too, so we will be back in touch with more on that.  

Best wishes,


Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries


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COVER PHOTO: An Ocean Sunfish photographed off Bali. These enormous deep-water fish can weight up to a tonne and here, they come close to the surface, to be cleaned by banner fish. Ocean Sunfish feed on jellies.    

Guest Photo

This captivating photo of a Shoebill Stork was taken by Gillian O'Malley on a recent Wildiaries trip to Uganda.

Great guides and micro-group travel (6 - 8 people) better guarantees unique experiences and the time to slow down and enjoy things. Why not check out our Madagascar tour (see below) for October 2020?



Bass Coast Walking

Walking & on Melbourne's Prehistoric Coast

Winter is a great time to get to the coast. The wind is fresh and the air is clean, the ocean is lively and there are relatively few people around. You can still feel like you're the only person on Earth. There's also loads to see if you know what to look for.   




Ceningan Divers

Golden Bridge Gate To Serene Ceningan

Sunset’s last rays turn Mount Agung’s summit amber, it’s eruption-scorched cone cutting a foreboding shape above evening mist, as the fast ferry carves its way through lazurite seas toward the lights of Lembogan island’s resorts. Half an hour from Sanur Harbour ...





Whales mugging a boat in Tonga

The Impact of Whale Swims in Tonga

A couple of days ago an eagerly-awaited piece of research was published about the behavioural effects of whale swims on Humpback Whales in Tonga. It revealed two key findings.  







Micro-Group Tours 

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We do plenty of group tours (where significant added-value and / or discounts are always possible). 

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EXAMPLE OF INCLUDES (10 day tour): Airport transfers; Domestic flights (Quito to Coca City return); Meals (as per itinerary on request); Three nights at Napo Wildlife Centre; Canoe excursions for wildlife-watching; Community cultural visits; Park entrance fees and taxes; Welcome Drink; Souvenir Safari Hat for Excursions! Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Lodge with Excellent Accommodations; Private Reserve and Hotel near the airport of Quito; 24/7 Private Transfers & Personalized Service; Specialized English Speaking Guide and Quality Services. 

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Photo: Indris, the largest of Madagascar's lemurs, are quite approachable. Tail-less, they are essentially big teddy bears!  

Dates: 14 - 25 October 2020

This tour takes in three distinct bioregions of Madagascar, each with a very different array of landscapes, wildlife, vegetation and people.  Accompanied by experienced guides, we will visit places and target animals that are rarely seen. In particular, this is a chance to see and photograph the Aye-Aye Lemur.

In addition, we will visit remote Berenty, a powerful landscape and photographers' paradise, with so many amazing animals and birds including the precocious Couas, the Madagascar Crested Ibis and the ubiquitous Ring-tailed Lemurs.

For the final leg of the journey, we plan to head to Morondova, to the famous avenue of the baobabs, perhaps one of Madagascar's most iconic and most highly photographed places.

This 12-day tour is comfortable and delivered to a high standard. It will comprise all costs including meals, transport, activities and guiding. Transport will be in comfortable 4WD standard vehicles with a driver and your guides and there are some internal flights with Air Madagascar. This is a relatively easy tour. There are no long steep hikes and is fine for people of a reasonable fitness level. Most driving is on sealed roads with the exception of the latter part of the drive to Kirindy and the very rough Berenty section. It begins and ends in the capital Antananarivo (Tana for short).    

*Minimum 6 pax. All prices are twin share pp, unless otherwise specified. Terms and conditions apply






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