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#65 - Launch of Raja Ampat Four Kings Website

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The islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool make up the "four kings" of Raja Ampat. This is still somewhere you can feel a bit like an explorer but there are 1,800 islands and 25 million years of evolution to understand. So it's a place you can miss more than you see unless you travel in the company of those who know it well. 

Today we're launching a new website with four products (three resorts and a liveaboard) we've hand-picked and have been working with, to help you understand better how to get the most out of this remarkable destination.

We have a couple of discount offers. We can exclusively offer 10% off selected Agusta Resort trips. Pindito is also offering an 80% kids reduction on its family trip scheduled for July. There are still cabins available. 


The operators represent a wide range of affordability and experience. Plus, each is doing their bit to address environmental sustainability in what is widely recognised to be among the most important marine habitats on Earth.

Two of the resorts, Kri and Sorido, are world-famous, owned and operated by entrepreneur and WWII marine archaeology expert Max Ammer. For over 25 years the resorts have been developing employment opportunities for West Papuan locals. 

The more recently-developed Agusta resort prides itself on being almost completely energy and water independent. The island is about the same size as Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef but only a dozen or so cabins. It represents more of a traditional island resort with amazing home-cooked Italian food (and probably the best pizza in Indonesia).   

The other way to see Raja Ampat of course is onboard a liveaboard. There are about 80 vessels now that call Raja Ampat home but none is more historic than Pindito. Owner Edi Frommenwiler started his business about the same time as Ammer and for 12 years was the only expedition vessel in the area. When it comes to sheer expertise and knowledge, Pindito is unsurpassed.  

Visit the site: https://rajaampattravel.com/ Download our latest trip report for a read and ask us some questions. We've put up some example trips but there are numerous activities and some concessions that can be made depending on your interests, group size, kids etc.  

Best wishes,


Simon Mustoe
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Ways to Stay in Raja Ampat

Sorido Bay

From $400/day pp twin share

Sorido Bay Ecoresort - Sophistication & Exclusivity

Sorido Bay is world famous for being among the first resorts in Raja Ampat. Since 1993 the resorts have been pro-active in conservation initiatives and working with the local communities. 10% of profits are donated to support local communities and conservation initiatives. More local people are employed than any other operator, meaning about 90% of staff are Papuans.




Agusta Ecoresort

From $390/day pp twin share


A range of affordable excursions, the island’s spa, a freshwater pool, walks and diving, make this an attractive destination for visitors who want to stay on the land but prefer more modern resort facilities. Refurbished in 2017, Agusta Resort is and a brand new way to experience Raja Ampat. Italian- owned and run, Agusta caters for families and casual tourists wanting a slightly sophisticated experience, which maintains value for money and the local feel the region is so famous for.

**EXCLUSIVE - 10% off if you book a 7 or 11 night package with us before 30 June. 

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Pindito Liveaboard

From $600/day pp twin share

PINDITO - Expedition Liveaboard

Pindito is foremost a small expedition cruise ship. With a maximum of 16 guests, every day there is something different to do and your crew are there, so you can make the trip what you want it to be.


The Pindito is quite a tranquil environment. Because it’s a home as well as a ship, there is an open-bridge policy. Crew and guests get to know each other well. She is an extremely quiet vessel. On the top-deck you can hardly hear her engines. She’s twin-stabilised - we use free-standing telescopes on tripods to observe whales! As she generally cruises in calm tropical waters, flanked by islands, conditions tend to be benign. 

Up to 20% off last minute cabins - enquire

80% off child fare as long as child (6-16 yrs) shares cabin with parents. 30 Jul departure. 

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Kri Ecoresort

From $175/day pp twin share

Kri ECORESORT - Affordable Seclusion

Less than 1 minute from the resorts is the famous ‘Cape Kri’ reef which holds the World’s Record for the highest number of reef fish species ever counted, shady pathways meander through the tree line to the restaurant. The atmosphere is one of natural peace and total relaxation.





Getting There

Flight Map




Join us in February 2020 for a Fantastic Voyage


Tim Harvey and Simon Mustoe will again be leading the annual expedition to Raja Ampat. Last year on this extraordinary trip we experienced Killer Whales hunting, swam with Manta Rays and watched Red Birds of Paradise display. Every year is different and extraordinary, which is why this is a trip not to be missed. 







Desktop Image to Download


This is an image of soft and hard coral, tunicates and sponges taken while snorkelling in Raja Ampat. Feel free to download and use it on your computer desktop.   




Sunset on Pindito