• Swim with Whales in Tonga
    Swim with Whales in Tonga
    A "standout ethical ecotourism experience" (image, Juergen Freund)
  • Borneo (Kalimantan)
    Borneo (Kalimantan)
    Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys & rainforest river cruises ...
  • Raja Ampat
    Raja Ampat
    The global heart and soul of Earth's marine biodiversity
  • Pindito
    30 years of unbroken exploration experience

Wildiaries Travel

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Welcome to Wildiaries. 

There are those who understand the value of our world and that once-in-a-lifetime encounters with wild creatures are a privilege.

Many people devote their lives to conserving priceless natural heritage.

We journey in the company of those who are deeply connected so there’s the chance to see through different eyes and appreciate better why the world is so awe-inspiring.

We strive for authentic, fulfilling travel experiences and support people we believe strive to create a better world.  

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Simon Mustoe, Wildiaries founder

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"THANK YOU!!!! From the very first phone call, you have facilitated a real holiday. The booking was easy, the info was great and the end came way too soon. Thank you for allowing a suburban granny all this!!!

Kindest regards, Marilyn, Vic

Thanks again for organising us an amazing experience. We most certainly won't hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family.

Regards, Grant and family, SA

What I've taken away from this trip is that magic really can happen if you're willing to let the trivial stuff go and focus on what's really important in our world. I'm going to try harder .... love always,



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