Your Introduction to Wonderful Indonesia

There’s hardly anywhere in the world as diverse as Indonesia in terms of culture, nature and landscape. It’s also a fast-developing nation and visitors may be surprised to discover a high level of hospitality and service for all travellers. 

Because of its diversity and the daunting number of islands, at first glance it may seem to present a challenge but this shouldn’t stop you considering it for a holiday. After your first visit, you'll have the confidence to explore further in this remarkable country. 

Escape the hustle & bustle

Indonesia is far bigger than Bali. Even short distances from these tourist areas, you can escape the hustle and bustle of  the bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Of course travel in any foreign country warrants a degree of care, especially where it’s possible to offend local customs or unwittingly commit an offence. But there’s no evidence it’s unsafe to travel to Indonesia and visitors are often overwhelmed by the hospitality they receive.


Indonesia is a tropical country but you can comfortably travel almost any time of year if you know a little about climate. Read our information about Indonesia's climate ... or contact us for help. 

Getting around

Most arrivals are into either Jakarta or Denpasar (Bali). Garuda Indonesia is the country’s national carrier. There are numerous regional hubs for travelers transiting between the main islands. 

For more information about air travel in Indonesia, follow this link or click the image below.

Key locations

The largest or most well-known islands are Java, Sumatra, Borneo (of which the south is Indonesian Kalimantan) and Sulawesi. The Komodo region, Flores, Bali and Raja Ampat are also well known.