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Night Creatures, William Tan
Edition #63, An evening of adventure & alien night animals


You are cordially invited to an evening of inspiration and adventure. Find out how some the world's most renowned photographers to record our fragile world and what drove them to their lifetime's passion.   

You'll meet photographer William Tan, Singapore Symphony Violinist who orchestrates alien night-animal images. 

      "When you are younger, music is probably an outlet for your emotions. When you get older then there’s a responsibility of performing correctly. When it comes to underwater photography, you learn to transcribe a sense of professionalism. As a working musician it’s actually a welcome change to enter the silent underwater world but there are a lot of sounds that are going on underwater as well … you become aware of your environment."  William Tan   

Joining him are National Geographic ambassadors Jennifer Hayes and David Doubilet ... Doubilet you might also recognise from Rolex adverts in airports around the world. You'd undoubtedly recognise their images from over 75 feature publications with National Geographic. 

      "My father dug a pond on our farm and I went in there and I stocked it with fish and I caught things in our creeks and I would watch Jacque Cousteau on Sunday mornings in between chores and I dreamed of the ocean and my father would say 'that's a long way from here'" Jennifer Hayes. 

Hayes is a marine biologist and her photography and journalism is underpinned by a lifetime ambition to focus (literally) on communication and conservation of endangered species.

Hope to see you there!

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Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries


BOOK Brisbane

Thursday 9th May 2019 QUT Gardens Theatre, Gardens Point Precinct

BOOK Sydney

Saturday 11th May 2019 HOYTS Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

BOOK Melbourne

Sunday 12th May 2019 HOYTS Melbourne Central

BOOK Adelaide

Monday 13th May 2019 Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre

BOOK Perth

Tuesday 14th May 2019 Octagon Theatre, UWA

Photo by Jennifer Hayes.


MEET National Geographic Legends Doubilet And Hayes

Doubilet and Hayes

Doubilet and Hayes, National Geographic legends and undoubtedly the world’s most recognisable and inspirational ambassadors of the oceans, are on their way from upstate New York to Australia ...






WILLIAM TAN's Alien Night-AnimalS

William Tan

Tan is a violinist with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and between concert seasons, leaves his prized antique Italian violin at home to explore the Pacific.  A world previously exclusive to scientific academia, if you've seen everything ...




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