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Edition #57 WINTER 2018 Magazine, Exploring Flores
Edition #57 WINTER 2018 Magazine, Exploring Flores



Hi #firstname#, 

Welcome to our winter edition of Wildiaries. It's with particular pleasure we can send you this, after we spent a very rewarding week with the lovely people of Flores. 

Much of the island remains unexplored and today, visitation still centres around the port city of Labuan Bajo - gateway to Komodo National Park - which maintains a quaint old-world charm, dotted with masts of traditional wooden ships.

But it’s only a step away from maddening crowds, before you can discover places few tourists visit. Wander further afield, there are home-stays on mainland Flores that welcome foreign visitors. The climate is relatively cool in the highlands and Flores, unlike other tropical areas, enjoys a relatively stable year-round climate, so it's also a great place to consider visiting during the wetter seasons up north. 

We hope you enjoy reading and do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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Best wishes,  


Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries


Indonesia’s Jurassic Park - where myth meets reality

Komodo National Park

THE islands of Komodo's famous national park first appeared during the jurassic, about 130 million years ago, lifted skyward by volcanic eruptions along the boundary between two tectonic plates. Flores remains to this day, a volcanically active region, with 17 in all. Everywhere you look there's evidence of a volatile geology and convulsive land formations.




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The Flores Nightingale

THIS cousin of Australia’s whistlers, emits a lush, liquid-array repertoire, rivalling any bird in the world for its beauty and complexity. Its music shares many of the qualities of European Nightingales. Both birds sing from the depths of vegetation, choosing perches that maximise sound propagation, transmitting vital information about the songster's prowess, while remaining carefully hidden behind leaves. The voice is almost ventriloquial and it proves difficult to pinpoint this tropical troubadour as its vociferous tunes bounce between the trees.



Flores Sumba Birding Tour

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An ancestral stone alter or ture lenggi at the entrance to Gurisina in the Flores highlands. This Ngada village is situated on mountain slopes, encircled by forested hills and in the shadow of a volcano. The village is home to over thirty families who live in traditional 'sa'o' houses, intricate structures of wood, bamboo and thatch, built entirely without metal fixtures and adorned with symbolic imagery and carvings.



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