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Triton Bay in West Papua is a place where time has stood still for centuries
Edition #56 Triton Bay, a step back in time


After one of our recent editions we were contacted by veterinarian Paul Collins.

Paul nearly lost his life (several times) last year and he tells us his story

Wishing to reconnect with the natural world he loved and nearly lost, Paul asked how he could be involved and so, inspired by him and his resolve, we want to know if you are interested in joining him in Triton Bay next March. 

As if Paul's story wasn't enough, this incredible 'resort' in one of the remotest (though surprisingly accessible) corners of Indonesia was set up and is managed by Lisa English, a remarkable person, who works with the local indigenous communities and helps care for an area that has been described by many as more pristine than Raja Ampat. One of our US friends jests how you have to literally push the fish aside to see the reef. 

This is real frontier-travelling and a trip you should join, if you want to see a place few ever get to visit, before it becomes another tourist destination - it's just been featured in Garuda's In flight magazine this month. 

Download the brochure and you can also get in touch direct with Paul, who would love to hear from you.

There are whale sharks here as well. And while we have been critical of some experiences that cash in on local bait-fishing, this is one of the only places left where it happens in reasonable isolation - there is already work being done by conservation groups to try to establish something sustainable. It's part of the experience you'll have at Triton Bay and we are proud to be supporting Lisa and Paul in their endeavours. 

So please, enjoy reading about this incredible place and consider coming on the trip. You'll meet Paul, an inspirational man, who has much to share about his love of the natural world ... and Lisa, owner of Triton Bay, along with the local people who are custodians of this incredible place.    

Thanks again for reading,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Visit Triton Bay next March with Paul


FIFTEEN months ago I had an accident which lead to me being hospitalised for nearly 10 months, I was discharged five months later.

My values of what is truly important in life, my inner resolve to be able to walk through the darkest period of my life so far, have left me in a place of deep gratitude, inner peace and the reignited passion to pursue conservation - my own honest pure truth - with a level of integrity and freedom that before this I didn’t believe was possible ...

... read more

Join our special group led tour with Paul Collins

A Step Back In Time with Paul Collins

SUITABLE FOR SNORKELERS AND DIVERS (most of the reef here comes within 1-2m of the surface)

Get ready to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility above and below the waves on Aiduma Island.


Step back in time and imagine what Indonesia was like 40 years ago. This is how locals from other parts of the country describe the region of Kaimana and Triton Bay, still unspoiled by shopping malls and traffic jams. Now take a boat ride away from the main town of Kaimana and you will start your adventure to a world untouched and waiting to be explored.



Prefer to Book your Own trip?

Our specialist dive and snorkelling partners at ZuBlu are ready to help you find an experience that contributes positively to conservation and sustainable use of the marine environment.   

Read the article about Triton Bay in this month's Garuda Inflight Magazine, Colours ...

Suddenly, the shape of a second whale shark appears out of the blue – swimming near enough for me to glimpse a cluster of tiny golden trevally hiding within the safety of its gigantic pectoral fins. The experience of being in the water with such beautiful creatures is pure magic – beyond any diver’s wildest dreams.

... read more

Book a trip to the Banda Sea


This extraordinary trip will be led by David Donnelly, and departs 12 November for 12 days (11 nights).

For centuries, indigenous islanders traded nutmeg, which was found only here. They were colonised by the Portuguese then Dutch. Today the islands are visited by Pindito’s new adventurers. The colonies are still visible and this trip is especially exciting as its combined with Raja Ampat, giving explorers the chance to see some of the world’s most beautiful, diverse and fascinating locations, full of megafauna such as Blue Whales, Manta Rays and Oceanic Sharks. This trip will include up to two dives a day (on average), with some time exploring the communities and other wildlife offshore. This is suitable for both divers and non-divers.


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