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It's been exciting talking to some of you over the last few weeks and hearing your views on wildlife-watching. It seems we've all had similar experiences.

When it comes to ocean wildlife, particularly whales and dolphins, manta rays and sharks, there isn't a lot of guidance on responsible tourism but that changed quite recently with the publication of Responsible Shark & Ray Tourism: A Guide to Best Practice. This document, produced in collaboration with Project Manta, Project Aware and WWF, was written by our friend Anissa Lawrence who is a regular on trips with us (some of you met her in Raja Ampat on the Pindito last year).  

Several of our companions and guides have also spent time at the cutting edge, observing and often implementing good practice. In this edition we meet Heike Vester of Ocean Sounds who lends us her ears for a unique perspective on whales and dolphins. We're looking at whale shark swims and considering some of the things we can think about that might improve our own chances of having a great wildlife encounter. 

Wherever we write, we draw on the support of the experts we know, including people like David Donnelly (Tonga Whale Swims) and Tim Harvey (Sea Turtle Foundation founder) with whom we have regular discussions.

Those of you who've spent time with them know their guidance on trips is vital to getting robust and sensitive encounters with nature. Tim is again co-leading with us, trips to Raja Ampat (1 female cabin spot left for 2019, spaces for 2020). Dave is doing whale swims this year (just a few spots left) and we're about to announce 2019 dates (so register your interest on the site). He's also leading the Pindito's November Blue Whale, Mantas, Hammerheads and Raja Reefs tour after the first one sold out - so get in fast for that.

Also, if you're a diver (even casually), make sure you ENTER OUR PRIZE COMPETITION.   

As always, it's great to introduce you to the people working behind the scenes that make all this possible. Neither would it be possible without your support. It's people like you who come on the trips or enquire about small ship cruises that make all this happen.      

Thanks again for your support,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

(Image, above, Short-finned Pilot Whales in front of the Pindito)


YOU CAN Win a Dive Computer or get one free on a Pindito Trip?

We know many of you are divers but may only dive occasionally. On some of the trips we run there is less pressure to dive. But we're also keen to connect divers with left-of-field trips ... the type that give you chance to explore and adventure as well. If you have any interest, we'd love to hear from you.  We're giving away an Aqualung i300 dive computer to one lucky winner - but join any of Pindito's remaining spaces to travel before end of 2019 and we'll also give you one to own (worth almost three-quarters the value of the diving component of a 12-day trip). Simply ENTER HERE.  

The winner of last month's Polar prize was Mr F Lee from NSW.  


Listening to Learn: a Sound Approach to Whale behaviour

"I don’t understand why our natural reaction is to chase whales”, says Heike Vester, “if we want to see any land animal in a forest our instinct would be to go slow and not make any noise”.

Born in Germany, Heike has a lifelong love of the ocean and an ever-increasing urge to understand, preserve and protect its largest inhabitants. 

“Sound is everything for these animals and if you want to dive into their world you also have to dive into their sounds”, says Heike. “Listening to them is a huge part of what we need, to better manage our world”

Heike pioneered behavioural acoustic studies of Killer Whales and Pilot Whales in Norway. In 2005, frustrated by lack of support for research, she embarked on more than a decade of self-funded work ...

... read more

Where Else but Ningaloo?

Whale sharks are the largest of the world’s sharks. They are harmless plankton-feeders. This not only makes them a favourite for tourists to see but also a source of food for fishing communities.

Whale Sharks have declined by as much as 63% in the Indo-Pacific in the last 75 years. Considered Vulnerable to extinction. Tourism is a non-lethal industry but there are question marks over what effect it’s having ...

Photo: Live Ningaloo Bespoke boat tours. Contact us if you'd like to know how to book a Ningaloo trip.

... read more

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Join our Blue Whales, Hammerheads, Manta Rays & Raja Reefs expedition this November

Our October trip is SOLD OUT so we've put on another, led by David Donnelly, that departs 12 November for 12 days (11 nights).

This trip will sell fast

For centuries, indigenous islanders traded nutmeg, which was found only here. They were colonised by the Portuguese then Dutch. Today the islands are visited by Pindito’s new adventurers. The colonies are still visible and this trip is especially exciting as its combined with Raja Ampat, giving explorers the chance to see some of the world’s most beautiful, diverse and fascinating locations, full of megafauna such as Blue Whales, Manta Rays and Oceanic Sharks. This trip will include up to two dives a day (on average), with some time exploring the communities and other wildlife offshore. This is suitable for both divers and non-divers.